Ian Littlewood

LEARN THE LANGUAGE THROUGH THE CULTURE The teaching I do is based on individual meetings designed to help you improve your conversational skills in English by learning and talking about different aspects of English culture.

All meetings are tailored to your specific needs, so what we talk about depends on you. Here are a few examples of why you might find such meetings useful: * You have a general interest in aspects of English culture and would like the chance to explore and discuss them in an informal context.

The internet has made it much easier to access a wide range of books, paintings, films etc. Are there particular novels you would like to read and discuss, films you want to talk about, historical events or periods you have an interest in? Let me know, and we can work out how to develop your interests. * You are going to England on holiday.

You can use the meetings to ask about — and talk about — how to get around, the things you want to see, the history and background of the different cities you hope to visit, the food, drink and customs of the country. As a starting point for each meeting I will generally suggest a short article you might read or a brief piece of internet research you can carry out. * You are going to be living in England for a time and want to prepare yourself for the new environment. The meetings could focus on particular aspects of English culture. What are the obvious differences between life in England and Japan? What are the reasons for them? Are there particular customs you need to be aware of? Some of the English TV programmes available on DVD can make useful starting points for this sort of discussion. * You are having difficulties with your English studies and want help in a particular area. In this case you can give me details of the problem and we would decide on a programme of meetings to get you past it.

These are just examples. Everyone’s situation is different and I would hope to work out with you exactly what would be most helpful.

Meetings are entirely in English. For details of what I charge and how you can contact me, click on Contact/Fees.